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  1. Ultra sound has diagnosed results, saying fatty liver and and few blood tests also show elevations in the testing. I have had this for awhile and had it lower and then showed elevations again, but since first told I have had to go on Warfarin about Dec. 2010, and wonder if this strains the liver, again. I am not a drinker as defined and do eat fresh vegetables etc. and fruit frequently and have oatmeal but is milk a culprit to have and notice cheese is off the diet and I am fond of chedder cheese and have eaten a fair amount at times in daily meals etc. I seem to have bouts of very loose bowels and a feeling of stomach area being sensitive at times. I do also take atenohol and cozaar for heart as well as warfarin and have an INR done weekly at times when I get out of range for dosage. I also have thyroid pill, very low dosage I take daily .125mg. and I had my gallbladder removed in 197l and was told you could with reason, eat what you liked. at this time. Would like to go on this liver diet and see if felt better.

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